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Our Audience

Major Bass Media


The ultimate authority on social media management and distribution in the world of professional fishing. We film and edit new content that engages your existing audience, while attracting new followers to expand your fan base - customized on location!

With a combined 50 years of experience in the industry, including competing at the international level, Major Bass Media understands you need content that serves both your audience and your partners. This may mean sponsorship obligations or investors. Use our knowledge and skill set to design targeted and precise social media marketing to fit your goals and needs. 


Imagine high quality content creation, premium grade video editing and social media marketing for Anglers, Brands and Social Media Influencers by professionals that understand both the fishing industry and digital marketing. On land, or on the water, Major Bass Media is your partner in establishing a powerful brand and effective message. 


  • Professional Angler experience

  • No exorbitant travel fees cutting into your marketing budget

  • Fresh content from every major fishing event

  • Social Media prowess - this is what we specialize in

  • Diverse team with unique perspectives 


Major Bass Media


Much like the ocean, Social Media is an ever changing beast. Major Bass Media stays on top of the latest trends and algorithm updates, so you don't have to. Put your attention on your career or business and trust that your online presence will continue to grow. Connect with your audience in a manner that is authentic and true to your brand. 

Our goal is to help you increase brand recognition and loyalty, build lasting relationships, create better customer satisfaction, promote effectively and generate sales. Professional fishing is a competitive market and with Major Bass Media, you will stand out. Superior quality without the stress or pressure of content creation. Show up, be you and we will capture the rest. Let's make Social Media fun again!

Average Results Hero Image.png

Working with Major Bass Media for 90 days


New Growth:

2,527 social media followers

Accounts Reached:

1.2 Million

Authentic Engagement:

24,765 accounts

Major Bass Media


Boots on the ground! We have a team at all major tournaments, derbies and professional fishing events creating content for Anglers, Brands and Social Media Influencers. We use a combination of mobile devices, studio grade video and photography equipment, as well as premium sound hardware. 

We assist Anglers with setting up their personal action camera, film and edit new content for their Social Media accounts or sponsorship obligations and distribute it across their platforms. As a professional Brand or Social Media Influencer, Major Bass Media will create fresh content to promote your services, products and enhance your reputation through targeted marketing campaigns and social media publishing. Customized content branded for your needs to stimulate your audience and attract new followers. Major Bass Media is an all in one service! 


Our complete social media management services for brands and anglers offer significant cost savings compared to in-house solutions. We provide a sophisticated suite of tools to track metrics and analytics, delivering real results and fostering growth.


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